White-label Custom EaaS™ for Solution Providers

upLVL creates powerful “Engagement as a Service™” (EaaS™) platforms for the cannabis industry. EaaS™ provides an easy way for industry product and service providers, employers, and branded product suppliers to build a combination of training with certifications, ongoing engagement, and rewards into their strategies for consistent market visibility, relevance, and growth.

upLVL’s customizable EaaS™ platforms are a cost-effective tool for cannabis industry software, hardware, and service providers to build and train a tribe of dedicated users to help grow awareness, trial, usage, and brand recognition for your offering in the cannabis industry.

  • upLVL will design, create, and manage a custom learning and engagement platform to fit your specific market needs. E-commerce solutions can be added to turn your custom EaaS™ platform into a profit center. upLV’s Creative Services department can help create custom courses to fit your client’s requirements.

  • Train and certify your users with any level of training. The learning management system is built-in, and our creative services team can help you get the training solutions up fast. upLVL’s built-in certification platform offers tracking of certificates, a lookup tool to find users certified in specific skills, and automated re-certification reminders for expiring certifications.

  • Communicate effectively with your tribe utilizing a variety of communication tools – from email and SMS/MMS to Discord and other tools, we have you covered by providing the tools you need to get the job done. We also have taken care of privacy issues so that your users can engage with trust and confidence.

  • Reward your users with the swag they want. Rewarding your users is the key to long-term loyalty and engagement. upLVL’s optional Loyalty Rewards program allows you to control how your users earn rewards, and the upLVL Swag Store enables you to quickly offer branded swag for purchase or for users to claim using rewards points.

Case Study: LeafLink – Empowering Workforce Development in the Cannabis Industry with upLVL’s Customized Learning Solutions

Leaflink Logistics’s custom workforce readiness platform on upLVL delivers comprehensive training courses to Leaflink partners. The strategic partnership between LeafLink Logistics and upLVL stands as a testament to the power of white-label learning platforms in shaping workforce development in the cannabis industry.

“upLVL is an invaluable partner in transforming our workforce development initiatives. Investing in the skills and knowledge of the workers across our partnerships is paramount, and upLVL provided the ideal solution. 

We’ve accomplished remarkable feats with upLVL’s support. Together we created comprehensive training courses that cover a range of essential areas, from TMS user proficiency to driver SOPs, warehouse SOPs, and WMS user training. This diversity of training content has undoubtedly elevated our operational efficiency and overall performance.

What sets upLVL apart is their technology, deep expertise in workforce development, and the speed and flexibility they offer. Within a matter of weeks, we launched a robust online learning program that resonated with our partners. The online learning experts at upLVL collaborated closely with us to design and implement an intuitive experience for users.

Jeremy Barringer
Senior Manager, Partner Operations, Leaflink

Read the full Case Study: LeafLink – Empowering Workforce Development in the Cannabis Industry with upLVL’s Customized Learning Solutions

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