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Portland, Or.
October 19, 2021

Portland-based workforce training company upLVL announced today the Wholesale Licensee expansion of its “On the Level” cannabis compliance training for the State of Oregon. The new Wholesale Compliance Master Certification course suite offers concise video-based courses capped off with a master test and certification. Free elements of this course can be previewed here

Built on the pioneering success of its Retail Master Certification, the new content focuses entirely on the Wholesale aspect of the cannabis industry. Andy Shelley, upLVL’s Director of Compliance, and a former OLCC cannabis inspector described the courses:

Our “On the Level” courses are finely tuned to deliver just the right level of information you and your employees need to keep your business legal and compliant with Oregon laws. We’ve distilled my expertise and experience into courses and certifications that are fast-paced and delivered in small chunks for maximum learner engagement.

“Not only does our new course curriculum specifically focus on wholesale regulations for employees of all levels, our platform also provides you with updates, brand training and reporting. Our reports provide verification that you have trained and certified your staff in Oregon Cannabis Compliance law.”

Here’s an outline of the On the Level: Wholesale Master Compliance curriculum:

  • Wholesaler Services: In addition to their role in selling marijuana product generated by producers and processors to retailers and other licensees, wholesalers also have specific services that they are allowed to perform on behalf of other licensees. In this course, we’ll go over three of those services: For-Hire Trimming, Lab Coordination, and Repackaging.
  • Wholesaler Product Transfers: Wholesalers can receive or purchase items from producers, processors and other wholesalers to be resold or transferred to any of the other license types. Because of their role as go-between and service provider to all license types (even labs), wholesalers have the widest array of transfer rights granted to them. In this course we will dive into specifics on the transfer privileges granted to wholesalers.
  • Wholesaler Premises: Wholesalers hold inventories of marijuana items, making compliant product storage a key aspect of business. As such, the OLCC has strict rules in place for managing the physical premises of wholesale licensees, especially related to securely storing and monitoring access to the marijuana product in their inventory.In this course, we’ll go over managing premises in modules related to General Facility and Product Storage Requirements, Alarm and Security Notification Requirements, and Surveillance Requirements.
  • Transportation and Delivery of Marijuana Products: It is in the interest of all licensees that transport marijuana to ensure proper practices are put into place to ensure their organization and employees do not violate the law, and all product is transported safely and completely to its intended recipient. In this course, we will discuss transporting marijuana items around the state of Oregon. We’ll cover general requirements, vehicle and driver requirements, manifesting, as well as some dos and don’ts of transporting.
  • What to Expect During an OLCC Inspection: Check out the basics about what an OLCC Inspector will do during a compliance inspection – these inspections occur during normal business hours and may be random or initiated by an employee, competitor, or customer complaint.
  • Keeping up with State Regulations: Learn about where to find Oregon state regulations, how to keep up to date with them, and the best ways to get notified about anything new you need to be aware of.

Along with training and certification, On the Level comes via a yearly subscription to upLVL, so in addition to the coursework, subscribers also get:

  • Timely Oregon regulation update notifications and training content
  • Free Business Skills training on Warehouse Safety, Order Management, and other key facets of the wholesale business
  • Free monthly access to a revolving list of additional Business Skills courses in 20 categories
  • Monthly release of new material in all spheres of training (Compliance, Brands & Products, and Business Skills)
  • The opportunity to create a profile and network with fellow industry professionals via message boards, live events, and other social elements
  • An ad-free, distraction-free experience to keep the focus on training and certification

A yearly upLVL subscription is $89 per user and includes all that is mentioned above, plus new courses and certifications as we bring them aboard. There are discounts for companies with 5 or more subscribers. Managers interested in signing up staff can learn more and contact upLVL through this page to get their whole operation subscribed. Once your employees are through the training, upLVL will issue your Facility certificate, window sticker, directory listing,  and monthly OLCC-ready reports showing training requirements have been met.

What major Oregon Cannabis Wholesalers are saying about On the Level

As the HR Manager for a wholesaler in the cannabis industry, our training needs are critical and diverse: state regulatory compliance, warehouse safety, and diversity and harassment training are pillars of upLVL’s training program and necessary to running a successful cannabis business. I chose some of their general business skills courses as well, so my employees have a better understanding of who we are as a business and how they’re part of our success.

upLVL’s learning system is easy to use, and their team is helpful and in-tune with our needs. All I had to do was send a list of staff to upLVL and within an hour everyone had full access to their coursework. Plus I’m able to manage the program through the reporting tool, and at the end of the process, I have a fully certified and compliant shop!

Angela Miller-Dickson, HR Manager with Pharmer’s Market

upLVL’s mission is to elevate the cannabis industry and inspire confidence in its workers. We look forward to seeing all our users gain a better understanding of the marijuana industry and become more confident as certified experts. upLVL will continue to work on bringing other relevant learning experiences and certifications to the cannabis space, including compliance for other license types and other states.

Get On the Level Certified – the only certification in Oregon Wholesale Cannabis Compliance!

Mark Oronzio
CEO and Co-Founder

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