June 24, 2021
Portland, OR

upLVL, Inc, the Portland, OR-based online workforce training and certification platform, announced today a partnership with the Oregon Cannabis Association (OCA) to provide learning resources that elevate cannabis workers’ career aspirations for themselves and their employers.

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Kim Lundin

“Our mission at the OCA is to set the professional standard for cannabis businesses in Oregon,” said Kim Lundin, OCA’s Executive Director. “upLVL’s coursework is right in-line with that mission, continued growth, education and professional development opportunities for all staff at all levels of the company. “

Kim Lundin – Oregon Cannabis Association Executive Director

The Oregon Cannabis Association (OCA), established in 2014, is a member driven organization representing some of the largest operators in our industry alongside small family run businesses, entrepreneurs who are just entering the market and the allied businesses who support our industry. Their mission is to help one another thrive through networking events, educational resources, and political representation.

“Domain specific learning opportunities and certifications are critical to any emerging market,” Adds upLVL CEO Mark Oronzio. “Certifications serve as a currency of trust and understanding between employees and employers, B2B partners, and B2C. The need is even more glaring in the cannabis space based on stringent and newly written regulations, differing rule interpretations, steep fines, and state by state differences.”

Mark Oronzio – upLVL CEO and Co-Founder

upLVL was created to deliver on the full promise — individuals can find high quality training in a wide range of both industry-specific and general business knowledge and skills. The upLVL platform allows any cannabis industry worker to take courses and earn micro- and master certifications related to specific products, technical skills, business skills, compliance, and other skill areas relevant to the industry. For companies, upLVL offers enterprise certifications that verify the company’s internal processes, as well as the skill and knowledge of the company’s employees.

This new partnership will allow greater access to learning content and employee skill certifications through general OCA member discounts and a new jointly sponsored grant program which would provide free access to content for OCA members who qualify.

Learn more about OCA Member benefits here

For any new, fast growing industry, efficient ways to improve the knowledge and skills of the workforce creates a competitive advantage. This is particularly true in cannabis, where compliance with regulatory requirements adds to the fast-paced nature of the industry to create a critical need for efficient and standardized training, as well as a mechanism to quickly and reliably verify that training.

About upLVL, Inc.: upLVL uses proven online training methods to help cannabis workers elevate their knowledge and skills around compliance, product knowledge, and internal company procedures. Learners and companies alike earn upLVL certifications to quickly communicate their professionalism and capabilities.

Mark Oronzio
CEO and Co-Founder

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