July 14, 2021
Portland, Oregon

For Immediate Release: upLVL., Inc – the nationwide provider of cannabis workforce training and employment certifications – announces a new partnership with Pivital EDU: their presentation of the 5-part “CBD Smart” course is the first in a series of world-class educational content developed by Pivital EDU and their network of global leaders in cannabis science and clinical care.

CBD Smart by Pivital EDU

Pivital EDU focuses on education grounded in the latest evidence-based cannabinoids research and pharmacology. Instruction is presented in methods and styles preferred by healthcare professionals, and their training is synthesized from scientific evidence.

For the CBD Smart course, Pivital EDU worked with doctors specializing in Integrative Cannabinology, Functional Endocannabinology, and Cannabinoid Medicine. From cannabinoid science and patient care to cannabis regulation, they are dedicated to educating the world on the Endocannabinoid System and Cannabinoid Medicine.

Keeping with upLVL’s priority of learning content that improves the business acumen of cannabis licensees and their employees, the inaugural course’s five modules focus on CBD education for frontline staff. It is designed to equip learners with in-depth training on CBD’s benefits, precautions, and uses so they can be a vital resource to cannabis consumers. The modules focus on the history and persecution of cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, and how CBD interacts with the human body.

In addition and perhaps most importantly, the course teaches about the limits of the claims that can be made in our current legal climate. It drives home knowledge of uncrossable lines related to HIPAA laws, medical advice, and other areas that commonly result in overstepping legal boundaries in the retail cannabis industry.

“upLVL is proud to work with Pivital EDU’s expert team to publish the CBD Smart! coursework and certification process. Our learners, both dispensaries and general retailers, raised their hands and identified the need for specific education opportunities that encompasses what front line workers need to know about, and how to communicate about CBD.”

– Mark Oronzio upLVL, Inc. CEO & Co-founder

upLVL’s mission is to elevate the cannabis industry and inspire confidence in its workers. We look forward to seeing all our users gain a better understanding of the marijuana industry and become more confident as certified experts. upLVL will continue to work on bringing other relevant learning experience and certifications to the cannabis space, including compliance for other license types and other states.

Mark Oronzio
CEO and Co-Founder

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