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Portland, Or.

February 24, 2021

upLVL announces new cannabis business and compliance content available Tuesday, February 16th. Head to the upLVL LMS and check out the following:

  • On the Level: Checking IDs and Intoxication course – A new module outlining ways to identify fake IDs rounds out the course’s content, which centers on determining whether a consumer is legally able to purchase marijuana
  • On the Level: Keeping up with State Regulations – This new course teaches you about where to find regulations online, how to keep up to date, and the best ways to get notified about alerts and changes
  • upLVL continues to add to its growing suite of general business skills content – 15 new courses were added in February, covering Business Compliance Essentials and Work Ethic
  • Each month, paid subscribers receive one new general business skills course track free of charge. For February, subscribers now have access to Customer Service Essentials – a set of ten courses which normally retail for $59
  • New Get Higher Education Brand Training courses are released as soon as they are ready – brands released in the last month include Fire Department, Siskiyou Sungrown, and Smokiez Edibles

New content will always be released around the 15th of each month encompassing new and updated cannabis compliance content, new business skills coursework (including a free course track each month for subscribers), and brand training through partnership with Get Higher Education.

On the Level offers concise video-based courses capped off with a master test and certification. Free elements of this course can be previewed here.

upLVL’s team of cannabis industry, cannabis compliance, and elearning experts, in conjunction with a group of licensed cannabis retailers, identified the need for efficient and engaging workforce training and certification in the nascent industry. On the Level is the first available certification course of its type. Similar courses for other license types will be launched in the coming months.

On the Level curriculum:

  • Top Ten Rules for Retail Cannabis: Start with the basic rules anyone new to the industry should understand, with modules covering OLCC licenses and worker permits, retail employee and visitor management, intro level retail inventory control, and basic retail security.
  • Checking IDs and Intoxication: Learn the rules on who can buy marijuana products, which types of IDs are valid, checking for a fake ID, and how to determine if a customer is visibly intoxicated (based on OLCC guidelines).
  • Retail Product Intake: Learn the basic rules related to how you may (and may not) intake marijuana products from your vendors. This course covers Vendors and Manifests, Receiving Deliveries and Inventory Control and Packaging.
  • Retailer and Dispensary Premises: Learn the physical and operational rules dispensaries and retailers are required to follow. This course covers Physical Store Regulations, General Operational Store Regulations, and Customer-Related Operational Store Regulations.
  • Selling Marijuana Products: Learn the rules on how marijuana products can be sold and marketed. For example, you may already know that the package cap for edibles is 50 mg THC, but did you also know that, per OLCC rules, it’s illegal to do a buy-one-get-one-free deal? Our flagship course will outline what you need to know to be compliant in retail Cannabis sales, including modules on What Can’t I Sell?, Prohibited Sales Activities, Refusing to Sell to a Customer, Discounting, and Daily Sales Limits.
  • What to expect during an OLCC inspection: Check out the basics about what an OLCC Inspector will do during a compliance inspection – these inspections occur during normal business hours and may be random or initiated by an employee, competitor, or customer complaint.

Along with training and certification, On the Level comes via a yearly subscription to upLVL, so in addition to the coursework, subscribers also get:

  • Timely Oregon regulation update notifications and training content
  • Free Business Skills training on Sales and Customer Service Essentials
  • Free monthly access to a revolving list of additional Business Skills courses in 20 categories
  • Free Brand and Product Training provided by our new partner Get Higher Education,
  • Monthly release of new material in all spheres of training (Compliance, Brand, and Business Skills)
  • The opportunity to create a profile and network with fellow industry professionals via message boards, live events, and other social elements
  • An ad-free, distraction-free experience to keep the focus on training and certification

A yearly upLVL subscription is $79 per user and includes all that is mentioned above, plus new courses and certifications as we bring them aboard. There are discounts for dispensaries with 5 or more subscribers. Managers interested in signing up staff can contact upLVL through to get their whole operation subscribed.

upLVL also offers a free subset of introductory course material here: Introductory Compliance Training course material

What front line cannabis retailers are saying about On the Level

Great for beginners and a good refresher for OG’s in the industry!
-Marlena Z.

The information you provided was great and easy to understand!
-Guadalupe R.

Thank you for this course work – I’ve learned new things that I can implement in my work.
-Emily C.

upLVL’s mission is to elevate the cannabis industry and inspire confidence in its workers. We look forward to seeing all our users gain a better understanding of the marijuana industry and become more confident as certified experts. upLVL will continue to work on bringing other relevant learning experience and certifications to the cannabis space, including compliance for other license types and other states.

Get On the Level Certified – the only certification in Oregon Retail Cannabis Compliance!

Mark Oronzio
CEO and Co-Founder

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