upLVL and OCA Learning Grant Program

upLVL and OCA are combining our efforts in order to provide free learning opportunities and certifications to retail workers in the cannabis space.  We’ll choose 7 individuals on August 15, 2021 based on your submission of the simple application below! 

Grant recipients receive a full year-long subscription to upLVL’s Cannabis Retail Compliance Content, including:

  • upLVL’s compliance courses will keep you on-the-level with the laws that will help you do your job more efficiently and avoid fines for your employer. Making you a more valuable employee, or increase your chances of being hired. 
  • Over 300 general business skills courses are included in your subscription to help you maintain best practices
  • We will display your achievements in our Certification Directory.  You can then share your certifications with your employer, prospective employers, proud friends, and more!

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Apply for a grant now!