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“Our mission at the OCA is to set the professional standard for cannabis businesses in Oregon. upLVL’s coursework is right in-line with that mission, continued growth, education and professional development opportunities for all staff at all levels of the company. “
Kim Lundin
Kim Lundin
Oregon Cannabis Association Executive Director

One of the pillars of the Oregon Cannabis Association’s mission is to help its members thrive through industry education. In order to promote career growth in the cannabis space, upLVL has partnered with the OCA to provide learning resources that elevate cannabis workers’ career aspirations for themselves and their employers.

  • upLVL’s compliance courses will keep your employees on-the-level with the laws that will help prevent fines, and keep you in business
  • Over 300 general business skills courses are included in your subscription to help you maintain best practices
  • Brand merchandising training will help your products’ sell-through to consumers

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“We created these courses and questions to be challenging. The beginning courses are great for new budtenders or potential pre-hire tests, but quickly advance you into knowledge required to be a lead worker, supervisor or potential store manager. We will continually update these courses to reflect changing rules and regulations, as well as changing processes for maintaining complete compliance. These courses will also satisfy your requirement as an OLCC Licensee to provide ongoing training to your employees.”

Andy Shelley
upLVL’s Director of Compliance and founder of CannXperts

Unique benefits for Oregon Cannabis Association Members:
  • If you are a business member and you’d like to register a group of employees, we offer discounts for 5 or more learners – on top of that, you can apply an additional 10% off as a member of OCA. Contact us through the form below, and we’ll provide you with pricing that fits your specific requirements.
  • If you are an individual member working in cannabis retail and are looking to up your game through online courses and certification, use this coupon code OCAMEMBER to subscribe to upLVL’s On the Level Retail Certification Course for $29.00 a year.
    • This is a $50 discount off of the normal $79 subscription fee.  Follow the link,  click the “Get all for $79.00” button, add the coupon code OCAMEMBER on checkout and the discount will be applied.
    • OCA and upLVL also provide grant opportunities for free subscriptions to upLVL Retail Compliance Coursework for individual OCA members

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