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March 18, 2021
Portland, OR

upLVL, Inc, the Portland, OR-based online workforce training and certification platform, announced today an expansion of the company’s upLVL Certified Program. Now the upLVL database of certified companies and individuals can be searched for verification. Companies and individuals can also share a personalized link to others to confirm their upLVL certifications.

“upLVL Certifications are quickly becoming a sought after verification of knowledge and skills relevant to the cannabis industry,” said Mike Gardiner, Director of Client Success at upLVL. “This makes earned upLVL Certifications that much more valuable for companies and cannabis industry workers.”

The upLVL platform allows any cannabis industry worker to take courses and earn micro- and master certifications related to specific products, technical skills, business skills, compliance, and other skill areas relevant to the industry. For companies, upLVL offers enterprise certifications that verify the company’s internal processes, as well as the skill and knowledge of the company’s employees.

United Green, of Auburn Hills, MI, recently became the first cannabis staffing company to earn a corporate upLVL certification in that segment of the industry.

“Our upLVL certification earns us instant credibility and respect as a proven and reliable company in the cannabis space,” said Craig Petersmark, Founder and CEO of United Green. “The certification process was rigorous, and upLVL’s team was very professional. Our market needs a quality component like upLVL’s Certification Program to build trust.”

For any new, fast growing industry, efficient ways to improve the knowledge and skills of the workforce creates a competitive advantage. This is particularly true in cannabis, where compliance with regulatory requirements adds to the fast-paced nature of the industry to create a critical need for efficient and standardized training, as well as a mechanism to quickly and reliably verify that training. upLVL was created to deliver on this full promise — on the upLVL platform, individuals can find high quality training in a wide range of both industry-specific and general business knowledge and skills.

Organizations use the upLVL platform to manage internal training on everything from sales processes to technical skills, to offer employees a valuable benefit, and to secure corporate certifications relevant to their license type and role in the industry. Using a combination of individual training completions with an overall company evaluation, upLVL provides documented evidence of business effectiveness in the cannabis industry. Each organization that completes the process receives the upLVL Certified seal for their website, as well as their own Certified Cannabis Business page on

“We focussed our effort on building a rigorous and reliable certification process,” said Mark Oronzio, CEO of upLVL. “Using a trustable platform for training and certification like upLVL, individuals and companies can more effectively convey their professionalism and competence to the market.”

About upLVL, Inc.: upLVL uses proven online training methods to help cannabis workers elevate their knowledge and skills around compliance, product knowledge, and internal company procedures. Learners and companies alike earn upLVL certifications to quickly communicate their professionalism and capabilities.

Mark Oronzio
CEO and Co-Founder

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