Enterprise Engagement as a Service™ for Employers

upLVL offers a powerful “Engagement as a Service™” (EaaS™) platform for the cannabis industry. upLVL EaaS for Employers is designed to give you an easy-to-use, powerful employee engagement tool that begins with onboarding training and certification that continues through ongoing communications, information gathering, and rewards.

upLVL’s customizable EaaS™ platform is a cost-effective tool for cannabis industry software, hardware, and service providers to build and train a tribe of dedicated users to help grow awareness, trial, usage, and brand recognition for your offering in the cannabis industry.

  • upLVL will design, create, and manage a custom learning and engagement platform to fit your specific employee needs.

  • Efficient onboarding training and certification. upLVL offers existing regulatory compliance training, literally hundreds of business skills courses to cover anything you need (from business habits to basic sales and customer service skills, to GSuite or MS Office skills, and beyond), and a powerful tool for creating your internal SOP training courses.

  • Effective communication tools. You can create messages for one or more employees and deliver them in the employee’s preferred method – email, text, Discord, or your own Slack or Google Chat channel. 

  • Built-in rewards through your own custom Swag Store. The upLVL Loyalty Points system allows your employees to earn points for specific activities you want to encourage. The reward points are used in the upLVL Swag Store, where you can host your own custom “print-on-demand” swag.

There are over 500 general business skills courses included in EaaS for Employers. Including workplace safety, customer service, sales skills, diversity, equity and inclusion, and more. See the full list here.

Case Study: upLVL & Pharmer’s Market – Cannabis Employer Case Study

Pharmer’s Market is a wholesale distribution company in the cannabis market. The urgent battles they face include the challenges of distribution in a large state with over 750 retail storefronts and sometimes unpredictable swings in wholesale prices. However, the management team at Pharmer’s knows for certain that maintaining a well-trained and confident workforce is key to facing any challenge.

“The beauty of having the training online and in such digestible chunks is that employees can do it anywhere, even if they only have 10 minutes to commit to it. And they can track their progress and pick additional courses to take if they care to.”

Employees see upLVL as a perk of employment. They really appreciate the fact that the company cares about their own development and careers, and they want to take advantage of that.”

The thing that sold me on upLVL was the combination of having relevant and important content on the platform already, while also being an easy platform to build our own custom training programs.”

Angela Miller Dixon
Director of Human Resource

Read the full Case Study: upLVL & Pharmer’s Market – Cannabis Employer Case Study

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