upLVL Compliance Training and Certifications

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upLVL’s “On the Level” course curriculum is a product of decades of experience in online education technology combined with the regulatory expertise of state experts, including Andy Shelley, a former Marijuana inspector with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and owner of partner CannXperts.

Most states where cannabis is legal require periodic training for cannabis workers – upLVL coursework will help satisfy those ongoing training requirements, and upLVL can prove compliance via content certification and management level reporting.

Current offerings for the state of Oregon: For Retail License holders: Budtenders – Get started now with free compliance content – these courses will be assigned to you automatically when you create an account and complete this introductory course. Want more? Information about our Master Certification in Retail Compliance can be found here.
Dispensary Managers – Want to have your state’s training requirements completed with little effort on your part? Sign up your entire staff for our Master Certification in Retail Compliance subscription – you’ll receive monthly update status reports on all staff training through completion of the Master Certificate and beyond. What’s more, we can certify your entire store once training is complete – if you want that seal of approval.
Coming Soon:
  • Cannabis Wholesale 
  • Cannabis Producer
Want a say in what comes next? License type, state, ancillary, or other?  Let us know here.