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upLVL uses proven online training methods to help cannabis workers elevate their knowledge and skills around compliance, product knowledge, and company procedures. Learners and companies alike earn upLVL certifications to quickly communicate their professionalism and capabilities to employers, employees, partners, and end-user customers.

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With an expansive background in online training and extensive connections with industry experts, upLVL has established meaningful standards of professional certification for individuals and organizations in the cannabis industry.
United Green

“United Green is very excited to earn this certification, as we are the first Cannabis Staffing company to achieve this status.  This earns us instant credibility and respect as a proven and reliable company in the Cannabis space.  upLVL has a very professional team and their format provides instant credibility to a market that needs a quality component to build trust.”

– Craig Petersmark, Owner and Founder

For individuals, each completed training benchmark earns a learner a Micro-Certificate, and completing all coursework in a related field is rewarded with a Master Certification.

A Master Certification indicates the learner has completed all relevant training and passed rigorous testing, proving their ability and professionalism in the certified field.

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For organizations, upLVL combines employee training with overall company evaluation to provide documented standards of business effectiveness in the cannabis space – our industry has many more roadblocks to success than others, so we are proud to help businesses overcome those obstacles and certify that they’ve done everything needed to be legally compliant and ready for future challenges.

If you represent an organization that is interested in earning a certification, click here to learn more about pricing and what’s included.