July 14,2021
Portland, Oregon

upLVL, Inc., the Oregon-based online workforce training and certification platform, announced today the release of Phase Two of the company’s upLVL Certified Program. Already the primary provider of workforce training certifications in the cannabis industry, upLVL now adds a Skills Lookup feature to its Certification Directory.

This expansion of the individual and company search feature allows employers, colleagues, and other interested parties to easily find users certified in skills related to their cannabis business, as well as users certified on specific brands and products.

upLVL Certification Directory

The upLVL platform allows any cannabis industry worker to take courses and earn micro- and master certifications related to specific products, technical skills, business skills, compliance, and other skill areas relevant to the industry. For companies, upLVL offers enterprise certifications that verify the company’s internal processes, as well as the skill and knowledge of the company’s employees.

upLVL launched their certification directory in March to allow learners to share the fruits of their hard work with colleagues and friends. Almost immediately, hundreds of registered upLVL learners began sharing their certifications via their individual certification profile URLs.

“Thank you, upLVL, for the all certifications that take SLF Consulting many steps forward towards being recognized as a legitimate source of business within the cannabis industry and offering me the opportunity to be seen as a trusted affiliate. Being represented in the directory shows I’m qualified to offer my marketing and content editing talents to cannabis brands looking for these exact skills.”

– Stacy Feder, Founder, SLF Consulting

upLVL leverages its ability to compile verified and vetted certifications into a comprehensive learner profile by expanding its individual lookup, allowing searches by skill and by Brand.

The value of the Skills Directory is that business owners and other interested parties have the opportunity to look up qualified personnel by skill sets. Most talent directories focus on general skills, whereas upLVL focuses on the skills that dramatically improve businesses’ profitability in the cannabis space.

“We created and improved this directory because domain specific learning opportunities and certifications are critical to the cannabis space.” notes upLVL CEO, Mark Oronzio. “We learned from the initial launch of our Directory, certifications act as a currency of trust and understanding between all parties in the cannabis space. Now we have an easy way to find individuals and businesses that meet specific qualifications ”

This release also includes the addition of the Brand Directory – the new feature gives cannabis brands the opportunity to see who is certified to sell their products, and dispensaries can find which of their employees have completed training in the brands that they sell.

“upLVL courses should be a staple part of training procedures for new hires at dispensary storefronts. From compliance to brand product knowledge, their courses are jam-packed with vital information to keep your staff and customers informed. Educated budtenders are a driving force in this growing industry.”

– Alexandra Arnett

Organizations use the upLVL platform to manage internal training on everything from sales processes to technical skills, to offer employees a valuable benefit, and to secure corporate certifications relevant to their license type and role in the industry. Using a combination of individual training completions with an overall company evaluation, upLVL provides documented evidence of business effectiveness in the cannabis industry. Each organization that completes the process receives the upLVL Certified seal for their website, as well as their own Certified Cannabis Business page on upLVL.net

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