October 7, 2023

Client Background:

LeafLink Logistics partners with licensed distribution companies to offer efficient order fulfillment and delivery of product purchased from the Leaflink marketplace. To create a consistently high-quality service offering with their partners, they sought a workforce training solution that could move fast, remain flexible, and offer access to a wide range of training and certification content.

The Challenge:

Labor in the cannabis industry comes from a wide range of experiences. Licensed operators have significant challenges bringing their workforces to the necessary baseline of compliance and basic business skills competence. LeafLink Logistics faced the challenge of developing comprehensive training programs that covered compliance regulations, business skills, and operational proficiency in multiple markets. They needed a solution that not only offered engaging training content but also an intuitive and flexible platform for seamless learning.

The Solution:

upLVL, the leader in customizable engagement platforms for the cannabis industry, emerged as the perfect partner for LeafLink Logistics. upLVL’s custom platform solution offers a unique blend of compliance, business skills, and SOP training, designed to empower employees and partners with the necessary knowledge to succeed in the cannabis sector, along with powerful communication and engagement capabilities.

Partner Testimonial: Jeremy Barringer Senior Manager, Partner Operations, Leaflink

“upLVL is an invaluable partner in transforming our workforce development initiatives. Investing in the skills and knowledge of the workers across our partnerships is paramount, and upLVL provided the ideal solution.

We’ve accomplished remarkable feats with upLVL’s support. Together we created comprehensive training courses that cover a range of essential areas, from TMS user proficiency to driver SOPs, warehouse SOPs, and WMS user training. This diversity of training content has undoubtedly elevated our operational efficiency and overall performance.”

The Results:

Leaflink Logistics’s custom workforce readiness platform on upLVL quickly delivered comprehensive training courses, spanning vital areas such as Transportation Management System (TMS) user proficiency, driver Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), warehouse SOPs, and Warehouse Management System (WMS) user training.

“What sets upLVL apart is their technology, deep expertise in workforce development, and the speed and flexibility they offer. Within a matter of weeks, we launched a robust online learning program that resonated with our partners. The online learning experts at upLVL collaborated closely with us to design and implement an intuitive experience for users.

upLVL’s dedication to our success has been evident every step of the way. We are grateful for their partnership, which has empowered our employees, strengthened our compliance efforts, and contributed significantly to our organization’s growth. With upLVL’s support, we are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the modern cannabis business landscape while continually enhancing our operations.”

Jeremy Barringer
Senior Manager, Partner Operations, Leaflink


The strategic partnership between LeafLink Logistics and upLVL stands as a testament to the power of white-label learning platforms in shaping workforce development in the cannabis industry. Through collaboration, innovation, and dedication, LeafLink Logistics and upLVL co-created a learning ecosystem that not only addressed compliance needs but also elevated operational efficiency. This case study underscores the importance of adaptable solutions and expert collaboration in driving growth in dynamic business environments. With upLVL’s white-label learning solutions, LeafLink Logistics is well-prepared to embrace future challenges while continually enhancing its operations in the cannabis space.

Contact: mark@uplvl.net

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