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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Ben Franklin

A couple of years ago I began thinking about a “Budtender Certification Program”, as a way for frontline employees to learn about compliance, become better at their jobs and further legitimize the industry I love so much. The budtenders could earn certificates which would help them on their resumes’ and possible advancement at their place of employment. In 2019, by mere happenstance, I met the guys at upLVL who shared this same vision and had the technical knowledge to make it a reality. A few months later, the compliance arm of upLVL was born.
I wrote these courses and questions to be challenging. The beginning courses are great for new budtenders or potential pre-hire tests, but quickly advance you into knowledge required to be a lead worker, supervisor or potential store manager. I will continually update these courses to reflect changing rules and regulations, as well as changing processes for maintaining complete compliance. These courses will also satisfy your requirement as an OLCC Licensee to provide ongoing training to your employees.

Since you are a trusted client of CannXperts, upLVL offers a unique price for you. Check it out below.

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Learn more about upLVL’s Compliance Training and Certification Subscriptions for Oregon Cannabis Business Teams here 


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If you are a cannabis business owner or manager, you can apply an additional 10% to our quantity discounts for your workers.  Contact us through the form below, and we’ll provide you with pricing that fits your specific requirements.   

If you have a cannabis brand and are interested in brand to budtender training, you can apply the 10% discount to the upLVL & Get Higher Education Brand Training Plan. Fill out the form below and check the “Brand interested in training Budtenders” box.