Courses and Certifications for Budtenders

With an expansive background in online training and extensive connections with industry experts, upLVL has established meaningful standards of professional certification for individual frontline workers in the cannabis industry.

upLVL uses proven online training methods to help cannabis workers elevate their knowledge and skills around compliance and product knowledge. Learners earn upLVL certifications to quickly communicate their professionalism and capabilities to employers, employees, partners, and consumers.

Free Subscription – Earn Micro Certifications in areas critical  to working in an efficient and profitable dispensary

 upLVL Offers micro certifications for introductory compliance courses, general business skills, and brand awareness courses through our free serviceFree subscriptions include: 

  • All brand courses
  • Introductory compliance courses (Currently for Oregon)
  • A selection of general business skills courses

Check out upLVL’s Free Budtender Subscription Here

Master Subscription – Earn Master Certification in Oregon Retail Compliance and more

upLVL is pleased to offer its best-in-class individual Master Subscription, allowing Oregon budtenders to become Master Certified in the knowledge they require to excel at their job at any Oregon dispensary. 

With this $7 a month subscription, frontline workers get:

  • Oregon Retail Cannabis Compliance Education and Master Certification
  • Listing of your Master Certification status in the upLVL Certification directory
  • Access to 500+ general business skills courses that will grow your knowledge and improve your resume
  • All Brand Certification courses
  • Immediate text updates on changes in Oregon Cannabis Compliance rules and regulations
  • Refresher training, recertification, and updates to ensure you remain compliant with current and new regulations
  • New training content every month on topics that are relevant to the industry

“upLVL courses should be a staple part of training procedures for frontline workers at all dispensaries. From compliance to brand product knowledge, their courses are jam-packed with vital information to keep your staff and customers informed.”  
“Educated budtenders are a driving force in our growing industry.”
– Alexandra Arnett
Oregon Dispensary Manager

Your entire dispensary will earn its Master Certification once all workers are master certified.

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For dispensaries, upLVL combines employee training with overall company evaluation to provide documented standards of business effectiveness in the cannabis space – our industry has many more roadblocks to success than others, so we are proud to help businesses overcome those obstacles and certify that they’ve done everything needed to be legally compliant and ready for future challenges. 

If you represent an organization that is interested in earning a dispensary certification, click here to learn more about dispensary certification, what’s included, and pricing.