The Budtender Experience

Budtender success starts with product knowledge and continues through ongoing engagement

For Budtenders

Looking to level up your budtender game? Look no further than upLVL’s Budtender Experience.

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For Brands

  • Build your Brand Tribe! If you’re part of the Budtender Experience, you’ve got advocates for life.  BE for brands is all about Budtender Engagement – it’s helping the budtender get the experience they need with your product, but also to get the experiences they need to feel great about themselves and their career 

  • BE creates a frame for brands focused on cultivating a community of positive and engaged budtenders who love your products, will give feedback, tell their friends, and learn -how to best describe and sell your product(s) to consumers

  • BE Keeps your Brand and products at the top of budtenders’ minds through gamified learning activities 

      • Daily Learning Platform activities – Boosted by Gamification*. Budtenders learn how to better represent your products while earning points for completing
        • Your product knowledge courses and certifications
        • Answering surveys
        • Reading your announcements
      • Monthly activities
        • Brand and Product upDates
        • Social media blitzes
        • Message campaigns
        • Contests

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