Budtenders influence consumer decisions as much as 70% of the time

52% of budtenders say swag impacts brand recommendations

Budtenders value brands that facilitate their work by providing a continuous flow of information

In the ever-dynamic cannabis industry, with its overwhelming range of products and evolving brand offerings, even seasoned store employees require up-to-date knowledge, ongoing engagement, and incentives to keep informed and motivated. Brands that fail to provide this, will never stay “top of mind” of their main purchase influencers, Budtenders.

For Cannabis Brands

  • Build your Brand Community! BE for brands is all about Budtender Engagement – training, engaging, and rewarding on an ongoing basis.
  • Ongoing Budtender Engagement provides education, support, and reminders that improve store sell-through.
  • We’ve been in your shoes and know the challenges of “budtender training.”
    • In-person is expensive and misses people
    • Budtender churn means the job is never done
    • Once you’ve delivered the training, how do you keep your budtenders up to speed and keep your brand top-of-mind?

  • These are the problems Budtender Experience™ is built to tackle.
    • 1. “Revolutionize how you connect with budtenders! Certify budtenders online with in-depth knowledge of your products, streamlined and efficient. Elevate your products to new highs as every budtender becomes a devoted ambassador, spreading the buzz like wildfire!”
    • 2. “Seize the spotlight and stay top of mind! We provide you with cutting-edge engagement and rewards tools to ensure your brand is never out of sight and never out of mind. Send messages, get feedback, give points and swag, and build a community of dedicated, enthusiastic budtenders to level up your brand.”
    • 3. “Unlock powerful feedback from the front lines! Our engagement tools encourage two-way communications, plus you can send surveys, host live chats, and hear directly from the trenches what’s working at the point of sale. Improve your product, marketing, and messaging with confidence.”

Regular outreach via text, email, and online communities

Opportunities to earn swag from the upLVL swag store

Surveys and contests you can use to further your brand cause

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