Elevate your employees, your frontline, and your partners’ cannabis skills

upLVL offers powerful “Engagement as a Service™” (EaaS™) platforms for the cannabis industry. EaaS™ provides an easy way for industry service providers, employers, and branded product suppliers to build a combination of training with certifications, ongoing engagement, and rewards into their strategies for consistent market visibility, relevance, and growth.

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Cannabis Brands

Instantly provide product training, certification, and engagement programs to your network of dispensary associates, leveraging your brand story, marketing, and product knowledge by putting it in front of those who have the most impact on your sales!

upLVL delivers Brand and Product certifications through our new Budtender Experience™ program. Build a community of budtenders certified on your products, engage through gamified activities, and keep your brand and products top-of-mind. All free for your front-line budtenders!

White-Label Solutions for Service Providers

upLVL’s customizable platforms are a cost-effective tool for cannabis industry software, hardware, and service providers to build and train a tribe of dedicated users. A custom “Engagement as a Service™” (EaaS™) platform offers a mechanism for service providers and branded product suppliers to build a combination of training/certification, ongoing communication and engagement, and rewards into their strategies for market visibility, relevance, and growth.

upLVL will design, create, and manage a custom learning and engagement platform to fit your specific market needs. E-commerce solutions can be added to turn your custom EaaS™ platform into a profit center. upLV’s Creative Services department can help create custom courses to fit your client’s requirements.

Cannabis Employers

Engagement as a Service™ – EaaS

Invest in your workers’ skills and knowledge to keep your business climbing and innovating in this competitive market! Retaining employees and helping them build loyalty and pride in their jobs is critical to efficient operations and growth for your cannabis company. In today’s world, you’re constantly competing for quality labor, and losing someone is disruptive and expensive.

upLVL’s EaaS™ for Employers lets you combine powerful training and certification for regulatory compliance, basic business skills, and even your internal SOPs with effective communication tools and a built-in rewards program. All at an affordable price.

Oregon Compliance and Certifications

upLVL delivers compliance and business skills training and certification to your employees in an easy-to-use online training environment. You can also create and share your own custom training courses — for sales processes, technical steps, and anything that will make your company run better. Ensure your workers earn and maintain compliance certifications to protect your investment in licensed operations.

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We are a team of cannabis industry experts & e-learning industry veterans​

The upLVL founders and operators have a combined 30+ years of experience in online learning and engagement and 10+ years of experience in the cannabis space. We identified a critical need for efficient workforce training, including product knowledge, business skills, and compliance for workers in the cannabis industry. We combine online learning with certifications and ongoing engagement to meet the needs of individuals and employers in our new and dynamic market, where it is most critical.

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