Elevate Your Cannabis Business Skills

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Cannabis Brands

Instantly provide product training, certification and engagement programs to your network of dispensary associates, leveraging your brand story, marketing, and product knowledge by putting it in front of those who have the most impact on your sales!

upLVL delivers Brand and Product certifications through our new Budtender Experience program. Build a community of budtenders certified on your products, engage through gamified activities, and keep your brand and products top-of-mind. All free for your front-line budtenders!

Cannabis Employers

Invest in your workers’ skill and knowledge to keep your business climbing and innovating in this competitive market!

upLVL delivers compliance and business skills training and certification to your employees in an easy-to-use online training environment. You can also create and share your own custom training courses — for sales processes, technical steps, anything that will make your company run better. Make sure your workers earn and maintain their compliance certifications to protect your investment in licensed operations.

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We are a team of cannabis industry experts & elearning industry veterans​

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We saw the need for efficient and engaging workforce training, and for product and compliance certification training in both the cannabis and hemp industries. That inspired us to use our years of learning know-how to build upLVL.